About Us

“Compass” is a company operating as an outsourcing help desk in Greece so that foreign companies and their products can gain access to the Greek market by taking advantage of the benefits of the outsourcing.

The “Compass” company is manned with human resources with 30 years of experience in business. We take care so that our personnel are constantly trained so that they keep at the forefront of the market and business requirements.

The basic purpose of the company is to promote the products and services to extensive professional groups which are based in Greece or Europe.

Our outsourcing services cover a wide range of business operations and through them we offer integrated solutions and complete business results to our customers, making us to you, valuable strategic partners.

We provide complete outsourced solutions to small, medium and large organizations; a seamless service with all of the benefits and none of the challenges.

Why Outsourcing with “COMPASS”

  • Low-cost, low-risk way to employ additional resources – without the normal employment constraints
  • Experiment with new ideas without the up-front investment
  • Switch-on, switch-off – flexible staff when you need them
  • Long experience of successful service delivery with personnel of administrative know-how of 30 years – in a diverse range of services with a large number of very satisfied customers
  • Very good knowledge of the Greek market in combination with fully trained staff
  • Confidential treatment of customers with similar products
  • In “Compass”, we have the know-how, the willingness and the disposition to become your compass in business for the Greek market.